Ingenious grating systems.

We produce smart grating solutions. We observe, develop and redesign work processes and technologies. Always on the lookout for new ideas and intelligent solutions.
Many of the traits that make us who we are we share with the fox. This resourceful and intelligent animal relies on its outstanding powers of observation to find new ways of doing things. These are values and attributes with which we identify as a company and that govern the way we do business on a daily basis.

We know your terrain

Whether locksmiths, metal workers, industrial companies or local authorities, whether specialist trade and the steel industry or the logistics sector – we have served as a partner to numerous national and international companies and industries for several years. Learn more about the GI-RO advantages from which you can benefit.

Trade, industry etc.

Locksmiths, metalworkers, industrial companies and many more. We are your partner for gratings and associated parts regardless of your required order quantity.

Gitterroste für Industrie und Handwerk

Steel, building materials or specialist dealers

In addition to a fair price offering excellent value for money, a comprehensive range of products available from stock, with fast delivery times and competent advice, we deliver high-quality products that check every box.

Gitterroste für Stahl-, Baustoff- & Fachhändler

Logistics & Storage Technology

Whether in shelving or in platform construction, storage technology or factory equipment – nothing takes the stress out of business like a trusted supplier.

Gitterroste für Lagertechnik & Logistik

GI-RO is synonymous with gratings. Innovative and smart.

At GI-RO, we are proud of our smart, high-quality products. After all, we make them ourselves at our factory in Vreden, Germany. As such, they all bear the "Made in Germany" seal of approval.

GI-RO Ideenreichtum


GI-RO Zusammenarbeit

Team spirit

GI-RO nahbar

Close to you

GI-RO Qualität


As quick as a fox

The GI-RO Express service breaks all speed records. Order from our extensive range of stock products and your order will be supplied ex works in our plant in Vreden, Germany within 24 hours. And if time is of the essence, you can also rely on the GI-RO Express service for custom products. This means that we can also produce and supply products ex works at our plant Vreden, Germany in your desired size within 3-6 working days.

To the stock programme

Our products

Choose the right GI-RO solution for your needs and application from our extensive product portfolio. 


Racking solutions
Racking solutions

Spiral staircases
Spiral staircases


Our gratings in nature

Our grating solutions are by no means a rare sight, but nonetheless always look impressive. Here, we proudly present to you a selection of special projects.


New warehouse equipped for Airbus in Hamburg.


Learn more

Sewage treatment plant, City of Vreden

Stainless steel grating as a manhole cover for a sewage treatment plant.


Learn more


Spiral staircases as platform access in an industrial plant.


Learn more

Based in the region of Münsterland, Germany

Here, at our production site in Vreden, we feel truly at home. Close to the border with the Netherlands, and within touching distance of the Ruhr area and the north of Germany, we have an attractive logistics site surrounded by modern premises. Feel free to pay us a visit anytime.

We are happy to help you!

You know the intended use for your gratings, but need help deciding which product is the best solution for you? Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you - even in special cases. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Head of Exports
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