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Sustainable solutions: mesh-gratings from leaders in innovation

GI-RO Technik in Vreden in Münsterland, delivers mesh-gratings to customers throughout the world. The purchasers of the comprehensive mesh-grating range, depend upon exemplary consultation, reliable planning, excellent products and punctual delivery; and this since GI-RO was first established.

Today, GI-RO Technik, with more than 100 employees and an export quotient of 40%, belongs to the leaders in steel-grating production in Europe. The most modern machinery and continuous technical development, with 10 press-locking production lines, 4 robotic welding installations and a CNC controlled burning installation ensures high precision production. Reliability of attention to the smallest of details, even with the biggest contracts.

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People and machines

For their customers, more tahn 110 employees at GI-RO Technik, plan, develop and produce steel-grating solutions that combine minimal material usage with maximum stability. Shelving for shelf construction, steel-grating steps for stairways, heavy-duty gratings or ventilation gratings, are but a few of a wide variety of application possibilities for commercial steel-grating components.

In pursuit of quality.

  Highly qualified specialists from the industry establish GI-RO Technik. In no time at all, GI-RO identifies itself as a technical trendsetter in Germany. As one of the first steel-grating manufacturers, GI-RO Technik presses crossbars stroke-wise in continuous motion. In the period following, the company proves itself through its innovation leadership.
  GI-RO Technik achieves further milestones. A completely new process is developed in stamping technology. The result of which is a seamless mesh formation in the steel gratings.
  The development of a bearing bar-mounting automat is successful. The bearing bars can now be fully automatically placed to the requested pitch.
  With the application of robotic welding installations, GI-RO Technik orientates itself totally toward future technology.
  GI-RO Technik develops the steel grating to a significant element in shelving systems. The company succeeds in asserting its position within a booming logistic market, with its intelligent concepts, particularly for the requirements of customers.
  All steel grating contours are to be manufactured from fully automatic CNC controlled flame-cutting systems.
  Additional, advanced robotic technology enhances the production line.
  CNC controlled production systems and Auto-CAD supported planning and development, are part of the GI-RO Technik standard. With the introduction of a state-of-the-art ERP system as a complete package solution, GI-RO Technik steers itself in the direction of an IT supported future.
  Expansion of production capacity with two press-lock production lines in combination with a modern welding robot. GI-RO Technik is immediately able to weld even small batches with robotic welding technology.
  The manufacture of steps is automated by new robotic technology and makes greater production capacity possible.
  After due diligence by German quality inspection organization "TÜV Nord", GI-RO Technik receives the EN 1090 certificate.
  Completion and commissioning of a modern warehouse and dispatch hall. In this new hall, our logistical processes can be further improved and thus enable more efficient order picking and packaging of our gratings and other products.