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What drives us

To us, strength is more than a simple physical parameter. It goes without saying that press gratings from GI-RO have the strength to bear heavy loads. However, we also view strength as a human characteristic. Understanding, overview, ingenuity, skill, flexibility, energy and passion are the forces that drive us. It is precisely these forces that give us the strength to achieve the very best results for our customers.

Every employee in the company has the strength to bear responsibility for his own area. The final, overall result arises from the sum of each individual's responsible actions: top-quality gratings, tailored precisely to individual customer requirements, delivered at the right time in the right place and with excellent value for money.

One further source of strength is our clear orientation towards the principles of lean management. The values and methods of lean management run through all areas of the company and give us the strength to optimally synchronise all of the activities required to create value and reduce waste. Our procedures are always oriented towards meeting customers' wishes and are constantly scrutinised. The quest for perfection is a daily challenge involving the gradual and systematic improvement of processes and the development of new ideas. 

GI-RO Gitterroste

Understanding begins with listening. We have understood.

A willingness to listen is the basis of every good relationship. Listening well to our customers allows us to develop better solutions for them. Our employees' technical knowledge and vast wealth of experience also enable them to understand the requirements that our customers express ‘between the lines’.

At the same time, we use our customers' needs as a springboard to develop new technical solutions for further product applications. It is here that our innovativeness particularly comes into play when creating the simplest of solutions for the most complex of tasks. 

By focusing on what is essential, We have everything under control.

Our customers know that they will receive their steel gratings from us in the quality which they have come to expect and at the agreed time. This reliability is standard at GI-RO. Because we guide our stable and synchronised processes with such efficiency and purpose that we are constantly able to meet this standard – irrespective of our workload. As we control the processes and technologies within our company, we accept our customers' challenge of being their fastest supplier. With an eye for details and every step under control, GI-RO's planners maintain an overview even when a number of challenges have to be met simultaneously.

Changes necessitate smart people. We have them.

We critically analyse even smoothly running procedures each and every day, a process based freely on the principle that ‘Perfection is something no man can achieve, but to which every man can aspire.’ Our employees have internalised this principle and take time to consistently strive to attain improvements on a daily basis. With their experience and their ingenuity, they reflect on our processes and suggest possible changes. Kaizen, the principle of gradual, continuous improvement, is our constant companion and ensures that we remain one step ahead on the market.

Optimal production does not run itself. We have the right touch.

All of the actions performed by our production employees illustrate their high level of skill. Production at GI-RO is also characterised by skill in the figurative sense that the skilful intermeshing of man and machine ensures the efficiency of both large and small production runs. In achieving this, it is always man – supported by the functions of modern planning tools – that optimises production timing and guarantees a continuous and productive process.


Needs change constantly. We have the right answers.

As paradoxical as it may sound, it is our structured procedures which provide flexibility. Because even flexibility can be planned. Our employees know at any given time what they have to do and what they have to do next. Even if an abrupt change in the order situation demands fast rescheduling. This is the result of clearly defined and consistently upheld standards in order planning and in the production process at GI-RO.


Performance demands effort. we meet these demands With our energy.

Our employees do indeed have the strength to endure. A great deal is involved in bringing all of one's strength to bear each and every day to produce premium quality gratings from heavy raw materials.
Our employees get to grips with this task – in the conviction that they are putting their energy to use for a good product and a good company.


We celebrate success. Together.

The passionate enthusiasm with which the people at GI-RO conduct their business is revealed in various different ways. Our employees are open to new challenges. They work meticulously to find better solutions and to develop new applications for our gratings in co-operation with our customers or together with university scientists. It is not unusual for them to identify unusual possible applications for our products that show the quality of our gratings in a completely new light – even outside of the production process. Our employees' identification with the company is evident both within and beyond our premises.

The management values and encourages this attitude in its employees, and pays tribute to it with responsible interaction, fair conditions, enduring relationships, appreciation and extensive individual responsibility.

Only in unison do the employees and management have the strength to bear responsibility for customer satisfaction.

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