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From metal – to grating: Just in time.

As a high performance grating manufacturer, GI-RO Technik works with the most modern production facilities, in sorted, serial manufacture and with intelligent planning and control soft-ware. Structure and production processes following the principles of lean management. For the customer this means efficient organization, short turn-around times in grating production and total adherence to delivery deadlines. 


Step 1: Material

Coiled steel bands in different strengths and widths, are the raw materials of steel gratings. A comprehensive raw material warehouse of split bands or slit coils, guarantee the shortest delivery times.

Step 2: Stamping

On special, from GI-RO Technik developed stamping machines, bearing and cross bars for pressure-locked grating steps are manufactured.


Step 3: Pressing

Bearing and cross bars are bonded to the grating structure. Machines press the cross bars, under high pressure, into the recesses of the bearing bars; thereby preserving the high stability of the grating.


Step 4: Welding

Welding robots connect/combine the borders with the pressure-locked gratings. With pressure-welded gratings the cross bars are welded – by  resistance welding methods to the strong bearing bars.

Step 5: Hot-dip galvanization

Should the conditions of function or purpose require, the steel gratings are, according to the standard EN ISO 1461 (DIN 50976) hot-dip galvanized.


Step 6: Just in time

GI-RO Technik delivers custom-built gratings to order, exactly on the agreed upon deadlines. Standard industrial gratings in various standard dimensions are always available from our finished goods warehouse and can be delivered immediately.