weisses Hintergrundbild

Gratings from GI-RO Technik in action.

The application possibilities for gratings are virtually unlimited. As structural elements they fulfill the highest technical and design aspirations. Industry uses gratings as walkways, or service platforms. Logisticians optimize the storage rooms in their warehouses with the targeted application of shelving made from gratings. These and other large projects are planned and guided by GI-RO Technik specialists who have many years of experience and a high level of expertise. With equal precision, GI-RO Technik realizes less comprehensive, but nonetheless ambitious projects: From the planning of individual stairways with grating steps and heavy-duty gratings in special dimensions, through to grating facades and store fronts with aesthetic appeal; suffices the range of application options for gratings.


Versandzentrum Otto Versand

Otto: Shelf racks and shelf installations.

In Haldensleben, a state-of-the-art, computer controlled distribution centre for Otto order distributers, was built. At the completion of the fourth construction phase, the goods distribution centre had a gross floor space of 167,000 square metres. The 28 metre high – high bay storage and retrieval system was equipped with gratings from GI-RO Technik. In total, in this big project, approximately 10.000 square metres of shelving was installed. With installations of this dimension, the advantages of steel grating shelving systems become particularly significant. Grating shelving systems are cheap, light and deliver extremely high stability for minimal material input.


Logistikzentrum BASF

BASF: Grating shelving systems for storage logistics.

The commissioned logistics centre of BASF coatings in Münster, is comprised of a fully automatic high-bay storage and retrieval system. This system has a length of 117 metres and a width of 47 metres. GI-RO Technic provided for this system, which is reported to be the most modern distribution installation in the world, walkways, shelves and stairways made from steel gratings.

Zugangsstegen und Bootsanleger

Zuger See: Walkway gratings.

The yachting harbor at Zuger See is equipped with extensive access walkways made from steel gratings. Steel gratings are exceptionally suitable as walkways for outdoor and waterside applications. They are protected from corrosion by their hot-dip galvanization and are slip resistant due to the special profiling of the bearing and cross bars.