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Forge-welded gratings

Employ forge-welded gratings anywhere- where especially high torsion rigidity is required, for example in industrial plants.

  • stages
  • platforms
  • walkways
  • steps

Cutouts that have to be prepared during the assembly process are possible and problem free with forge-welded gratings. Due to the fact that all crossing points on the bearing and cross-bars are welded, the stability and load bearing capacity of the grating is preserved.


GI-RO Technik offers a large variety of formats for welded gratings. Choose the suitable dimension and version for your application purpose from our selection.


Forge-welded gratings dimensions
Forge-welded gratings mesh width
Forge-welded gratings

Standard Versions

Welded gratings from GI-RO Technik consist of:

  • bearing bars
  • twisted cross-bars
  • complete banding

All parts are manufactured according to DIN EN 10025 from S 235 JR (ST 37-2). Choose a hot-dip galvanized or a non-galvanized surface as required.

welding Forge-welded gratings


The twisted cross-bars are welded to the unimpaired bearing bars under high pressure and then welded at every crossing point, using resistance welding methods.

The overall height of the welded grating determines its type of banding


Overall height 25-40mm

  • flat banding
  • beaded banding in cross-bar direction

Overall height 50-80mm

  • complete flat banding

The welding of all crossing points guarantees high torsion rigidity and stability, even if cutouts are made later on during the assembly process.

Forge-welded gratings slip resistand

Anti-slip versions

When the welded gratings are to be used for pedestrian and vehicle access areas, attention needs to be given to the specific demands of slip resistance. Welded gratings from GI-RO Technik are tested in accordance with the regulations of the trade association.

Serrated bearing bars ensure slip-resistance. On request, we would be happy to inform you about the appropriate valuation classes.


matching attachments/fixings


To ensure the easy assembly and safe usage of the welded gratings, GI-RO Technik provides the matching attachments/fixings and accessories in our program. With the standard attachments, you anchor for example, a welded grating with the mesh 30x30mm, with the substructure. Select the appropriate parts; from theft protection fixings, to ‘simple to assemble’ standard fixings in our accessory section.