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Full gratings

For optical reasons full gratings are used predominantly in architecturally challenging projects. Full gratings are pressure-locked gratings, whose bearing and cross-bars have equal height. 

Material According to DIN EN 10025
Material According to DIN EN 485
Material According to DIN EN 573-2

  • S 235 JR (ST 37-2)
  • Aluminium AIMy3 (suitable for anodizing)
  • Stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A)

Banding types

  • flat band
  • T-section band

Anti-slip versions 

  • Not available


  • Material S 235 JR: hot-dip galvanized; powder coated (RAL- colours)
  • Material Aluminium: powder-coated (RAL- colours)
  • Material stainless steel: acid-cleaned; electrochemically polished; untreated.

Full gratings in all sizes

At GI-RO Technik you can obtain full gratings for every application. Choose your required dimension and version from our range.


Full gratings mesh width
Full gratings dimensions
Full gratings

Construction and quality

Due to the identical dimensions of the bearing and cross-bars and the double-sided flush surface area compression, these grating types are employed for their aesthetic accents.

The surface finish differs according to the material used.


unterschiedlich hohen Trag- und Querstäben

Special versions

Varying heights :

Full gratings with different bearing and cross-bar heights are available on request. We realize your visions. Please feel free to contact us.

Comb gratings

Comb gratings

Through the use of bearing and cross-bars of varying heights, full gratings can fulfill the function of a comb grating.

For further technical requests please feel free to contact us.



Fixings for full-gratings

Fixings are comprised of a perforated plate Nr.48, perforated plate Nr.49, screws – M8 and Nr. 40, and hexagonal nut Nr.61.   

Further suitable fixings can be found under fixings.