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Grating steps/stairs

Grating steps are ideal building elements if you are looking for a functional and economic stairway solution. Stairways with grating steps are highly valued as aesthetic design elements for industrial and residential buildings.

Use the advantages of grating steps:

  • stable
  • cost effective
  • weatherproof
  • versatile
  • architectural value 

Steel grating steps are ideally suitable for access ways to work platforms, walkways and any high-rise locations.

Grating steps/stairs

Standard version

Steel grating steps consist of

  • bearing and cross-bars
  • perforated-serrated step nosing
  • banding



Steps in all sizes

At GI-RO Technik you can obtain grating steps for every type of application. Choose your required dimension and version from our comprehensive selection.


Grating steps dimensions
Grating steps mesh width
Serrated step-nosing

Serrated step-nosing

The serrated step-edges conform to the anti-slip assessment grade R10 according to BGR 181. As a result, safe usage is guaranteed.

Choose the format of serrated step-edge that you require. GI-RO Technik offers the step-edges in a width of 28mm and in heights of 30, 35, 50, 70, and 90mm. 


Banding for steel grating-steps is generally made out of flat steel in 70x3mm and is manufactured according to DIN 24531-1.

Other formats or drilling dimensions can be manufactured according to customer specifications. Inform us about your requirements.

Fixings DIN 24 531-1
Load effect step
Load effect

Load effect

Cost effectiveness and quick delivery: Standardized steel grating steps based on DIN 24531-1, alternatively DIN EN ISO 141 22-2. Order from our warehouse. Further formats are available on request.

Patented interlocking system

Patented interlocking system

Plug-in or socket- system ensures positive, strength-transferring  connection