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Gutter Gratings GT Series

Gutter gratings are a special form of heavy-duty grating and find application primarily as vehicle access covers that enable vehicles to deposit or off-load bulk materials. The main characteristics of gutter gratings are their high load-bearing capacity, coupled with their functional bulk goods permeability. The GI-RO Gutter Grating is manufactured exclusively from premium quality S-355 JR steel. This material makes an above average load-bearing capacity possible, in comparison to conventional steel of the S-235 JR quality, whilst simultaneously reducing the structural height of the gutter grating.
 An absolutely unique selling point of the GI-RO Gutter Grating is obtained however, through the application of a patented ‘insertable slide-tray system.’ The slide-tray is inserted into pre-perforated bearing bars, resulting in a form-locked join. This type of join makes a residue-free slide-tray surface possible and at the same time optimizes the load transference of bearing pressure. Gutter gratings are employed by preference in the agricultural industry, to deposit bulk goods into container installations, where the further transportation technology is located below the gutter grating. In comprehensive durability tests performed by certified testing institutes, the patented GI-RO Gutter Grating achieved above average results.


  • 1000x500mm
  • 1500x500mm
  • 2000x500mm
  • Special dimensions on request

Material thickness

  • Bearing bar 5mm
  • Cross bar 5mm
  • Distribution bar 5mm

Mesh width

  • Bearing bar width 66.00mm
  • Cross bar width 75.00mm

Material according to DIN EN 10 025

  • S-355 JR (ST 52-3)

Banding type

  • Patented insertable slide-tray system


  • Hot-dip galvanized
GT 1 Gutter Grating

Gutter Grating GT 1

The GT 1 Gutter Grating has special angled notches at the ends of its bearing bars, which allow for the slotting-in of the patented insertable slide-tray profile. This comb- effect, as well as the form-locked join between the cross and bearing bars, creates especially high form stability and therefore durability of the slide-tray is achieved.

Gossenrost GT 1

Profit from the smooth, clean surface of the slide-tray. The bulk goods slide without problem or hindrance, through the gutter grating, due to the fact that on the GI-RO Gutter Grating slide-tray profile, no production-related residues can be found. 

Gossenroste GT 2

Gutter grating GT 2

The GT 2 Series is a product variation of the highest safety and cleanliness. Deposit your grains or other bulk goods in such a way that no residue remains in the joins. The GI-RO Gutter Grating with its angled-cover profile from the GT 2 Series prevents the mixing of bulk materials above the grating. The angled-cover profile can be adapted and bolted as required.

Gossenroste GT 2
Gossenroste GT 3

Gutter grating GT 3

An interesting variation for bulk goods-handling facilities without existing frame structure is the GT 3 Series. With this variation, the geometry of the patented slide-tray profile is designed to be laid directly onto concrete ledges or sections. The length of the angled-cover profile is freely selectable and for subsequent fixing, can be provided with drill holes.

Gossenroste GT 3