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Heavy-duty gratings

Heavy-duty gratings have the strength to bear extreme weight. Their fast assembly over large areas, makes them particularly suitable for vehicle access areas. 

Materials According to DIN EN 10025 

  • S 235 JR (ST 37-2)
  • S 255 JR (ST 52-3) 

Banding types

Overall height/constructional depth

  • 30-60mm T-section band
  • 70-120mm Flat/shallow band

Anti-slip versions

Serrated bearing bars, serrated cross bars, serrated bearing and cross bars.


hot-dip galvanized, non-galvanized


Heavy-duty gratings in all sizes.

At GI-RO Technik you can obtain heavy duty gratings for every type of application. Choose your required dimension and version from our range.

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Load contact area

Load contact area

The areas affected by a defined load, are referred to as load-contact areas. With vehicle access gratings, the load contact areas are the vehicle’s wheels.

Point load

Point load

Fp expresses the point loading situation according to the associated load contact area. The deflection (sag-point) that results from the load effect is represented by f (mm).

Braking Factor / Vibration coefficience

Braking Factor (Vibration coefficience) 

In order to calculate the brake-load, the point load is multiplied according to DIN 1055-3 with the factor Phi (1,4).


Load arrangement
Load arrangement

Load arrangement

Please note: Depending on the direction of travel, the load contact area changes position and therefore also the number of load-bearing bars required.

Anti-slip versions

The serration of bearing bars necessary for the anti-slipping function, reduces the load-bearing capacity of the anti-slip grating. Exact load values are available on request.


Heavy-duty gratings anti-slip version
Classification group for anti-slip protection
Classification group for anti-slip protection

Load capacity table

Gratings are stable construction elements that can bear heavy loads. The load values are derived from the version and dimension of the grating. You can refer to these values in the load value table.