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Ladder rungs in various versions

Vertical fixed ladders made of steel are widely used in factory equipment where slip resistance is required, i.e. metallurgical plants, rolling mills, mining, the chemical industry and power plants.

GI-RO offers many version of ladder rungs for different applications to ensure a safe use of ladders under all circumstances. The special profile of the ladder rungs features high slip resistance.

Depending on the version of the ladder rung it is suitable for upgrading of existing rung ladders or building new rung ladders.

The ladder rungs can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

ladder rungs

We offer ladder rungs for vertical fixed ladders made of steel in different versions and materials.

Please choose the version of the ladder rung that fits your needs best.

Most versions are on stock and can be supplied quickly.

Not sure which version is most suitable for you?

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ladder rungs

rung version
material length
25 steel non-galvanized 400
25 steel non-galvanized 800
25 aluminium 800
35 steel non-galvanized 2000
35 1.4301 2000
35 1.4571 2000
35 aluminium 2000
50 steel non-galvanized 2000
50 1.4301 2000
50 1.4571 2000
50 aluminium 2000
50-G steel non-galvanized 497
50-G 1.4301 497
50-G 1.4571 497
50-G aluminium 497
50-R steel non-galvanized 485
50-R 1.4301 485
50-R 1.4571 485
50-R aluminium 485

ladder rungs (diagram)

These schematic drafts of our different ladder rung types explain the essential components and relations.