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Anti-slip gratings

Slip promoting substances for example; dirt, oil, fat or water, on pedestrian or vehicle access floor coverings, bring increased risk of slippage. With regard to this fact, GI-RO Technik manufactures a grating with anti-slip function.

The anti-slip function on gratings is achieved when the bearing and/or cross-bars are produced with notches on of various kinds. Depending on the profiles of the bearing and cross-bars, the gratings are classified into anti-slip categories.

In the GI-RO Technik range you will find gratings in the ant-slip classifications of: R9, R10, R11 and R12.

For whichever circumstance, an anti-slip grating form is specified, it is set out in the (BG) trade association regulation or in the DGUV rule 108-003- ‘floor coverings in work rooms and work areas with slippery conditions or slip danger. The PDF file available here can give you advice and examples of which anti-slip classification to select.

Classification group for anti-slip protection
Anti-slip assessment table

Anti-slip versions

Serrated bearing-bars, serrated cross-bars or serrated bearing and cross-bars are possible. The anti-slip combination of bearing and cross-bars have an influence on the corresponding class (R10 - R12).