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Galvanized gratings

Galvanization protects gratings from damaging environmental influences and corrosion. GI-RO Technik employs hot-dip galvanization according to DIN EN ISO  1461, as surface treatment for gratings. 

This process provides corrosion protection, that withstands even the strongest mechanical stresses like impact and abrasion.

Corrosion protection through hot-dip galvanization 

The pre-requisite for valuable hot-dip galvanization is comprehensive surface preparation of the grating.  A clean metallic surface is one of the most important basic requirements of hot-dip galvanization. By dipping the grating in a bath of liquid zinc (at approx. 450°c) a covering of iron-zinc alloy is formed, thereby creating a complete zinc-coating over the entire grating.

Pressure-locked gratings from GI-RO Technik that are manufactured from steel, are always hot-dip galvanized. Stainless steel gratings or aluminium gratings require in general no additional protective coatings against corrosion. It is however recommended that they are acid-pickled or anodized.