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The gratings: robust building elements

The bearing-bars of the grating transfer the load onto the support surface. The number and dimension of the bearing-bars determine the load-bearing capacity of the grating. The cross-bars fix the bearing-bars in their vertical position and distribute the load onto adjacent bearing-bars.  

Load capacity tables for gratings

With help from the following tables, you can determine the maximum allowable load-bearing capacity of the different gratings and the conforming deflection values.

Personal planning assistance

Please accept the specified values as planning assistance. If you have a situation that is not covered by the capacity table and you require an exact dimensioning of your construction project, please feel free to contact our planners by phone or by email

Load capacity table for pressure-locked gratings:

Please load the load capacity table for pressure-locked gratings PDF file down.

Load capacity for heavy-duty gratings (Car and HGV).

Load capacity table for heavy-duty gratings  for Car and HGV (without brake factor)

Load capacity table for heavy-duty gratings (Fork-lift)

Load capacity table for heavy-duty gratings for Fork-Lift (according to DIN 1055-3)