Sustainable solutions: Gratings from GI-RO Technik

Mesh gratings from GI-RO Technik demonstrate their strength to carry, as amongst other things, shelf racks, mesh-grating steps or heavy-duty gratings. Whether in standard or special version, our customers receive pressure-locked gratings that fit exactly to their individual requirements. For this, every single employee at GI-RO Technik in Vreden devotes his/her total energies and carries responsibility to achieve high quality products, exact delivery deadlines and excellent price-performance ratio.

The more than 110 employees at GI-RO Technik, bring passion and drive, skill and ingenuity to the planning, development and production of gratings. As a result, ever better solutions evolve that combine minimal use of materials with maximal stability. A modern machine park with CNC controlled production systems, is the foundation for efficiency and speed in the manufacture of gratings.

GI-RO Technik produces high quality gratings exclusively in Germany. The materials used at GI-RO Technik are of the highest quality, thereby guaranteeing the strength and durability of every grating whether of galvanized or non-galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium. According to requirements, GI-RO Technik delivers pedestrian-access gratings or vehicle access gratings, gratings from different anti-slip classes, in standard sizes or in special sizes.

Take advantage of the possibility to order directly from our comprehensive warehouse range. On request, receive your delivery within 24 hours. All current industrial standard gratings, standard steps and grating mats are available at all times. Order your gratings from our warehouse stock.

Select the grating appropriate to your needs, from our broad range of offers:

Pressure-locked gratings
Stable and torsion-resistant, deployable amongst other things, as walkways, work platforms, floor-coverings, paneling, stairs and shelves.

Grating steps
Functional and economic staircase solutions, that satisfy even the highest of aesthetic aspirations.

Forge-welded gratings
Extremely torsion-resistant and resilient gratings due the welding of all crossing points on the bearing and cross-bars.

Shelf gratings
Resilient and reliable even with the heaviest of stored goods, the grating shelves are easy to assemble and install.

Heavy-duty gratings
Heavy-duty gratings as amongst other things; vehicle-accessible protective grilles; for extreme pressures and high load points.

Stainless steel gratings
Gratings made of stainless steel have excellent hygiene characteristics, making them perfect partners for kitchens, food processing plants and health facilities.

Full Cell gratings
For their aesthetic accents – requested by architects: Full Cell gratings are made up of identically high bearing and cross-bars.

Ventilation gratings
Air circulates through the specially formed grating – ideal for ventilation processes in the agricultural industry.

Gutter gratings
The heavy-duty grating with integrated slide-sheet finds its application wherever bulk goods are unloaded.

Aluminium gratings
Low weight, highly corrosion resistant, optically attractive: Gratings made of aluminium unite these characteristics.

Spiral Staircases
Our flexible and economic spiral staircases feature safety and an appealing architectural design, both for the private and the industry sector.

Favourable prices and fast delivery

In our diverse stock programme you will now also find standardised modules for use as shelves in pallet racking - matched to the most common dimensions and loads. Learn more about the Vario modules.

Up to new ways

Covid-19 continues to keep the industry on its toes. Nevertheless, we are looking for dialogue and are breaking new ground: We present the GI-RO innovations digitally. You do not have to do without our usual service.

Strength and safety: Spiral Staircases

These are the characteristics that the economic and flexible GI-RO spiral staircases feature. As an architectural eye-catcher, they connect floors reliably, while meeting the highest quality requirements. Get more information about Spiral Staircases for private and industrial applications.

Tested and certified: DIN EN 1090

Due to our internal production control we have been certified according to DIN EN 1090 since the year 2014. This certification is yet another reason to choose our products.

Mesh-gratings out of Aluminium

Visually appealing, aluminium gratings are employed for façade frontages and sun protection on buildings. Find out more about the light and corrosion resistant building elements.