Fixing systems –
for a secure hold

Gratings represent safe construction elements when fixed according to regulations. To keep danger at bay or prevent theft, you should therefore always secure gratings to prevent them from moving and – in certain cases to prevent them from lifting. Afterwards, check installed fixings regularly to ensure they are in good condition and have a secure hold.

We offer our smart fixings as a system solution for different grating designs and applications. In principle, however, all fixings are also available as individual parts, meaning you can put together your own customised fastening.

Clamp fixing

Befestigung Nr.10

Clamp fixing
no. 1

with top plate
for mesh 30x30 mm
and 40x40 mm

Clamp fixing
no. 2

with top clamp
for mesh 30x30 mm
40x40 mm and
30x20 mm

Befestigung Nr. 20

Clamp fixing
no. 3

with top clamp
for mesh 30x10 mm
40x10 mm and
30x14 mm

Befestigung Nr. 16

Clamp fixing
no. 4

for almost all meshes


Double clamp
no. 11

with top plate or
top clamp
for mesh 30x30 mm
and 40x40 mm

Screw connection

Befestigung Nr. 13 Lochplatte

hole plate

Design and
positioning upon
technical agreement

Befestigung Nr 46 Bohrschraube

Self-drilling screw
no. 46

for mesh 30x10 mm
and 40x10 mm

Befestigung 22 Bohrschraube

Stirrup clamp
with self-drilling screw

Stirrup clamp no. 39
Self-drilling screw no. 47
for mesh ≥ 20x20 mm

Safety devices

Sicherungskette Nr. 14

Safety chain
no. 14

for almost all meshes

Befestigung Nr. 12 Steckschluesselverschluss

Socket spanner lock

for mesh 30x30 mm

Befestigung Nr.15 Diebstahlsicherung

Anti-theft device


for almost all meshes
up to a 40 mm grating height

Fixing systems for racking

Befestigung Nr 18

Fixing hook
no. 18 a/b

For fixing in
pallet racks,
for almost all meshes

Befestigung Haken

Hook fixing
no. 19

For the fixing of
inlaid gratings
in pallet racks with
box profiles

Befestigung 24abc Kragarmregale

Cantilever fixing
no. 24

For fixing in
cantilever racks,
for almost all meshes,
minimum grating height 30 mm