Louvre gratings –
Excellent privacy
and sun protection

Our GI-RO Louvre gratings are pressed-in gratings with crossbars pressed in at an angle and are often used as a decorative or functional design element.

Simply impressive – Louvre gratings are often used as façade gratings, sun protection grilles, cladding elements, ceiling suspensions and ventilation grilles, among other things.

For special applications!

  • Sun protection effect
  • Increased opacity

Technical information

Structure of a GI-RO louvre grating

Similar to pressed-in gratings, louvre gratings consist of parallel bearing bars into which transverse bars of flat steel are pressed during production. The difference: crossbars are inserted into the bearing bars at an angle. The angle, the bearing bar and crossbar type as well as the mesh width can be given a different design depending on requirements or intended use.

Bearing bar and crossbar types and mesh pitches

Cleverly combined: All features mentioned can be combined to a certain extent. Would you like to know which gratings we can produce for you? Then please contact us. Our sales advisors are always available to hear you out!

Bearing bar and crossbar types
Bearing bar (mm)Crossbar (mm)
Mesh pitch
Bearing bar spacing (mm)Crossbar spacing (mm)
Crossbars can be set at an angle of 45° or 30° Other angles on request.
Maximum production lengths
Bearing bar (mm)Crossbar (mm)

Materials and surface finishes

Depending on the intended use, our louvre gratings are available in various materials and with different surface finishes. Simply choose the material that best suits your application.

S235JR steelHot-dip galvanised, raw/untreated
Stainless steel 1.4301stained, raw/untreated
AIMg3 aluminiumanodised, powder-coated,

We are happy to help you!

You know the intended use for your gratings, but need help deciding which product is the best solution for you? Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you - even in special cases. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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