Gratings for
pallet racks

If there is one area of application for our rack gratings, it is as deckings for pallet racks of any kind. Inlaid gratings – which are suspended between traverses – are typically used to ensure optimum use of the shelf height of your racking system. Depending on the application, you can also choose between other smart variants: for example, onlaid gratings as well as add-ons such as push-through protections, fixings, and much more.

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Bearing bar and crossbar types and mesh pitches

Cleverly combined: All features mentioned can be combined to a certain extent. Would you like to know which gratings we can produce for you? Then please contact us. Our sales advisors are always available to hear you out!

Bearing bar and crossbar types
Bearing bar thicknesses (mm)Bearing bar heights (mm)
1.5 / 1.7 / 2.0 / 3.020-60 (in 5 mm intervals)
Maximum production lengths
Bearing bar (mm)Crossbar (mm)
Mesh pitch
Bearing bar spacing (mm)Crossbar spacing (mm)
Multiples of 11.0Multiples of 11.11
Different bearing bar and crossbar pitches

Inlaid rack gratings

Whether pallets, pallet cages or special racks – our inlaid gratings are suitable for load carriers and pallet racks of all types. They can comfortably bear both uniformly distributed and point loads. Our gratings are recessed between traverses using suspension profiles. This ensures the full utilisation of the shelf height.

  • Low overall height, resulting in the full utilisation of the storage height within the levels
  • Reduced risk of damage due to suspension between traverses
  • Quick and easy on-site installation

Inlaid rack grating with U-profile

Our inlaid rack grating with U-profile offers additional locking by means of a bevel. This prevents traverse bulging, especially with large shelf widths.

Inlaid rack grating with push-through protection

An integrated push-through protection ensures a lower risk of danger in the event of incorrect loading – especially in non-visible areas. It prevents the load carrier from being pushed through and thus protects sensitive components such as sprinkler lines that run behind the rack.

Inlaid rack grating with fire baffles

Gratings with an integrated fire baffles are often used in pallet racks with installed sprinkler systems and special fire protection regulations. The grating is fitted with a 0.75 mm thick, pre-galvanised sheet. The combined solution provides safety while still allowing for quick and easy installation. The fire baffles can also be put to secondary use in small parts or cardboard box storage. It offers additional protection against falling small parts and optimises the storage of cardboard boxes.

Pressed for time?

Those who decide at short notice can look to our stock programme, with our VARIO MODULES. The rack gratings are designed for the most common load classes and rack dimensions and are available directly from stock to help get you started on your projects right away.

Onlaid rack gratings

Both very high uniformly distributed loads and point loads are optimally supported by our onlaid gratings. They are ideal for load carriers of all kinds, such as pallets, mesh pallets or special racks. Also ideal for use in double racks.

  • Also suitable for extremely high shelf loads or very heavy load carriers
  • No interference contour in the area of sprinkler lines
  • Quick and easy on-site installation

Onlaid rack grating with notches

Depending on the application, a grating can be given a circumferentially extended edging. With the help of notches in the contact area, the grating lies fully on the bearing bars and is thus firmly and securely locked in place.

Onlaid grating with push-through protection

An integrated push-through protection ensures a lower risk of danger in the event of incorrect loading – especially in non-visible areas. It prevents the load carrier from being pushed through and thus protects sensitive components such as sprinkler lines that run behind the rack.

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Smart solutions for all challenges

When it comes to rack gratings, GI-RO can meet nearly any requirement. With a wide range of product variants, which are also convertible and expandable, we aim to meet your requirements while offering added value with a great deal of pizzazz and sophistication. We do so by using materials efficiently or by enabling quick and easy assembly by means of integrated fixings. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself with a few special examples.

Grating with different mesh pitches

Our rack-grating production process is extremely flexible. This allows us to produce different mesh pitches. In this way, rack gratings deliver the required load-bearing capacity while enabling cost-effective utilisation. Ideal for use with the same or similar load carriers, such as box pallets or steel racks, and a fixed adjustment position.

Lowered inlaid rack grating

Our  gratings hold firm, even when the earth shakes. We produced gratings for a racking system in an earthquake zone. In this case, the particular challenge was to secure the load carrier against falling out of the rack. Our ingenious solution: we lowered the grating so that the load carrier is tilted and us thus secured against falling in the event of an earthquake.

Grating with integrated anti-lift device for IPE traverses

Not every racking system is alike and it is not uncommon for existing units to be retrofitted with rack gratings. In such cases, the rack grating is subject to a whole set of requirements, as the rack system is difficult to adapt or can only be adapted with considerable effort. This is also the case with this project, whereby our grating fulfils several tasks at once. The existing high rack was to be converted with a smart and economical solution.

One requirement was the extension of the storage depth to 1200 mm for new load carriers. We manufactured gratings with a special, individual notch so that gratings were directly locked in place, thereby avoiding the complex fastening of rack gratings at great heights. The truly special feature: the gratings did not require any additional, elaborate fixing elements.

Fixing systems

We usually manufacture our rack gratings with an integrated locking device that prevents the grating from moving. In special cases or on request, gratings can also be fixed to the rack traverses.

We are happy to help you!

You know the intended use for your gratings, but need help deciding which product is the best solution for you? Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you - even in special cases. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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