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pallet racks

In addition to standard gratings, standard steps and grating panels, our diverse stock range also includes standardised grating modules for use as deckings within pallet racks. At GI-RO we call them VARIO-MODULES, which we adapt to the most common load classes and rack dimensions. In addition, our force-locking Vario profile ensures high dimensional stability as well as a low installation height in the rack.

General specifications:

Bearing bar: 995 mm
Cross bar: 890 mm
Banding in cross bar direction: Vario profile

Possible applications

Level dimensionsModules per level
1100 x 1800mm2
1100 X 2700 mm3
1100 x 3600 mm4

Standard version with banding in bearing bar direction

Art. noUniformly
distributed load
Mesh pitchType of bearing bar
G51-0251500 kg/m288x44,44 mm35/1,7 mm,
G51-02501000 kg/m266x44,44 mm40/1,7 mm, 

Light version without banding in bearing bar direction

This variant features rounded cross bars
(see illustration).

Art. noUniformly
distributed load
Mesh pitchType of bearing bar
G51-0277350 kg/m2121x55,55 mm35/1,7 mm, 
G51-02751000 kg/m299x55,55 mm46/1,7 mm, 

VARIO MODULES are ideally suited for the most common load cases. Common load carriers such as Euro pallets, Euro mesh boxes or Euro half pallets can be stored safely on them for a long period of time. The detailed load overview shows the versatile application possibilities of our VARIO-MODULES and can help you choose a suitable grating.

downloadLoad cases VARIO-MODULES

Do you have a special load case that is not covered in the overview? Then please feel free to contact us. Let us help you find the optimal grating.

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