Wire mesh decks -
the easy solution for
your storage technology

Are you looking for a smart solution to store light to medium, uniformly distributed loads or cardboard boxes? Then our wire mesh decks should be your first choice. Our GI-RO wire mesh decks are spot-welded mesh grids with flat steel beams underneath - the optimum combination of material use and load-bearing capacity. Perfect for use as a decking in a wide variety of racking systems.

Our wire mesh decks are not only permeable to light, air or water. Their light weight also simplifies assembly, reduces installation time and saves on transport costs. If our wire mesh decks are used for fire protection, they can also be enhanced with a fire baffle.


One strong product, four different versions. Our EASY-WIRE-MESH is available for 350 kg, 500 kg and 750 kg as well as for 1000 kg uniformly distributed loads. Both types are perfectly suited for all common rack dimensions and are available directly from stock.


Made entirely according to your specifications

In addition to the two permanently available stock products, EASY-WIRE-MESH 5 kN and 10kN, we also offer customized wire mesh decks tailored to your specific needs. Just get in touch with us.

It’s easier with EASY-LOCK

A simple and fast assembly without additional fixing elements: this is guaranteed by our wire mesh decks with the innovative, trademarked "EASY-LOCK" connection method. For example, for use with cantilever racking or double-row racking with light to medium loads. We would be happy to assist you and can advise you on the features you need and check availability for your desired product. Call us now

Wire mesh decks with fire baffles

Fire protection is becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, our wire mesh decks can be enhanced with a fire baffle. The pre-galvanised sheet is fixed to our wire mesh deck and is also ideal for retrofitting. Another advantage: the fire baffle can also be put to secondary use in small parts or cardboard box storage. It offers additional protection against falling small parts and optimises the storage of cardboard boxes.

We are happy to help you!

You know the intended use for your gratings, but need help deciding which product is the best solution for you? Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you - even in special cases. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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