grids that are
light yet large

Brand new at GI-RO: Our EASY-WIRE-MESH wire mesh decks. Ideally suited as shelving in pallet racks for low to medium, uniformly distributed loads. One strong product, two different versions. Our EASY-WIRE-MESH wire mesh decks are available for 500 kg as well as for 1000 kg loads according to ANSI MH 26.2. Both variants are perfectly suited for all common rack dimensions and are available directly from stock.

General specifications

Material: Pre-galvanised wire/sheet metal
Grid length: 1122 mm 
Grid width: 890 mm 
Wire thickness: 3.8 mm
Suitable for: Indoor use, beam width 50 mm


Possible applications

Level dimensionsModules per level
1100 x 1800mm2
1100 X 2700 mm3
1100 x 3600 mm4

Our designs

Art. noTypeLoad capacity according to
ANSI MH 26.2
Number of
G71-0801 EASY-WIRE-MESH 5 KN 500 kg 4106 x 72,5 mm
G71-0802 EASY-WIRE-MESH 10 KN 1000 kg 7106 x 53 mm

Our EASY-WIRE-MESH decks are particularly suitable for pallet racks when storing Euro pallets. Thanks to our EASY-WIRE-MESH, Euro pallets can be stored and retrieved safely and conveniently while protecting you from falling objects. The load overview shows suitable load carrier weights and storage types.

Download the load overview for EASY-WIRE-MESH

Our EASY-WIRE-MESH does not fit your requirements? We are also happy to offer you customised wire mesh shelves. Feel free to contact us!

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